November 9, 2015

‘FOSSCOMM 2015’.

ENVENA Ltd. was one of the speakers in the 8th FOSSCOMM Conference (7-8 November, Athens, Greece) presenting information on “Open data and environmental protection”. The 8th Conference on ‘Free and Open Source Software Communities Meeting’ was organised by the Τechnological Educational Institution of Athens.


May 23, 2015

International Conference ‘RECIS 2015’.

ENVENA Ltd. was one of the speakers in the forthcoming RECIS Conference (22-23 May, Santorini, Greece) entitled “Mobile units for waste management: Legal framework, Environmental Licensing and Examples”. The objective of the 1st International Conference on Recycling in Island Regions (RECIS 2015) is “to bring together all the stakeholders involved, representatives of the local authorities and state institutions, representatives of the alternative management systems, academics, researchers and companies in the field in order to analyse the existing situation, to highlight the possibilities and to propose solutions and ideas to the further enhancement of the recycling in the islands.”


July 4, 2008

Conference ‘Protection and Restoration of the Environment IX’.

ENVENA Ltd. personnel participated in the group that worked in the Mechanical and Biological Treatment (MBT) plant in Ano Liosia (Attica) during the inspection of the plant in the handover of the project. Part of the results were presented at the Conference ‘Protection and Restoration of the Environment IX’ (29/6 – 3/7/2008, Kefalonia, Greece), entitled “Composition and chemical properties of RDF produced at a MSW mechanical separation plant in Greece”. The aim of the conference, the 9th of a series of biennial conferences, is the presentation of timely scientific research and application studies by engineers and scientists on topics concerning the environment.
Main Subjects – Topics
• Groundwater and Soil Remediation
• Management and Treatment of Solid, Liquid and Gaseous Wastes
• Waste Minimization and Pollution Prevention
• Protection and Restoration of the Coastal Environment
• Water Resources Engineering and Management
• Renewable Energy Resources – Sustainable Development
• Fate and Transport of Pollutants in the Environment
• Ecotoxicology
• Environmental Impact Assessment and Risk Analysis
• Global Climate Change
• Atmospheric Pollution and Control Technology
• Environmental Legislation and Policy
• Mathematical Modeling and Systems Analysis