ENVENA Ltd offers professional support for a wide range of environmental and energy issues, according to the needs and requirements of the national and international market. Each issue addressed is approached through a multi-disciplinary prism and on the basis of good practice and sustainability.


ENVENA and its collaborators have successfully completed studies on:

     Environmental Impact Assessments

     Individual and Collective Systems of Alternative Management of Waste

     Studies on the Collection and Transportation of Waste

     Planning and Optimization of Waste Treatment Plants

     Planning and Optimization for the Installations of Disposal of Waste

     Remediation of Polluted Areas

     Cost-Benefit Analysis

     Creation of a Methodology and Action Plans for the Determination of the Composition of Waste

     Planning and Application of Developmental Programs

     Environmental Education

     Analysis of Circle of Life of Products and Services

     Environmental Management of Enterprises (ISO 14001 – EMAS)

     Carbon Footprint and Climate Change Studies


At the same time, ENVENA deals with:

     The writing and/or revising of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

     The conformity of companies with Regulation REACH

     The promotion of IPPC (Best Available Techniques)

     The permits for transboundary movement of waste